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Beard Oil 30 ml

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Beard oil that softens without adding grease, for a soft and shiny result

Prodotto ideale per

Anyone who wants a soft and shiny, but not heavy, beard with a natural appearance.

Modalità d'uso
  • Use Beard Oil after Beard Wash, for a shiny but not heavy beard.
  • For those with a particularly long beard (over 4 cm): after shaping the beard with Beard Balm during drying, apply 5/6 drops of Beard Oil, distribute it evenly and brush.
Pittogrammi_Man_Beard oil
  • Shea Extract: emollient that exerts a detangling effect. Adds shine without weighing beard down.
  • Babassu oil: exerts an emollient and gloss-giving effect.
  • Sunflower oil: exerts en emollient effect and makes the beard both soft and silky.

Beard Oil is part of MAN, the dedicated line for men, with high performance vegetable oils. Without parabens, MAN responds to the cosmetic needs of today’s men that require efficacy, speed and safety.